With over 150 years of experience in manufacturing, Raimondi has steadily increased its R&D investment in order to continue to meet our value proposition

Our in-house team, led by Chief Operating Officer, Eng. Domenico Ciano, is constantly seeking new avenues to improve upon existing products and methods relevant to the crane industry.

A core Raimondi objective is maintaining the optimum balance between performance, lifecycle, productivity, reliability, easy service access, and lower maintenance intervals. It is this

balanced objective that makes our products highly-valued assets in client balance sheets. Our range of models, our global presence and our many years of experience, all correlate to an unrelenting search for excellence in these areas.


Two fundamental aspects must be considered when considering investing in heavy lifting machinery: product performance and productivity, together with model durability and longevity

Raimondi products are designed in compliance with Class A4 FEM1001 standards. This standard for evaluating a crane’s lifecycle takes into account two primary factors: the length of time the machine can be employed and the degree of functionality (percentage of effective maximum nominal work-load). A Class A4 corresponds to a working life-cycle that is twice that which corresponds to Class A3. This positions Raimondi models, and our value proposition, in the top end of heavy machinery manufacturers. We, and our clients, are pleased to see how many of our products are still in prime operational states after decades of use, and that the return on investment is exemplary even after depreciation cost is taken into account.

To implement and guarantee the highest levels of safety, Raimondi has incorporated the most recent European benchmark, EN14439, linked to greater and varying wind-force exposure. This standard incorporates increased safety at construction sites, and also corresponds to improved working conditions

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